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Projects Under Development

This is where I will list current and future projects. Since this is a part-time gig for me and I am one busy dude IRL, things may progress slowly, or even not at all. Sometimes I simply loose interest in a project or go off on another unrelated project. That's what happens sometimes when you rely on amateurs.

Occasionally I may release incomplete projects for reviews and opinions by the PAForge mutant masses(That's YOU!). Permission to use these documents for that purpose is granted and for no other. All copyrights are retained and permission is not granted to disseminate them in any form without permission. When these documents are completed they will be released publicly and at that time may be used according to the granted permissions.

Updated: 10/05

Generic Scenario Writing
This is a method for writing generic scenarios that may be used for any setting. I am providing this so that some sort of standard may be set for my own scenario writing and hopefully for those interested in submitting scenarios for inclusion here at the PAForge.

The MOTE Gaming System(MGS)
Don't worry, that's just its working name cuz I can't think of anything spiffier at the moment. This will be my own home grown task resolution system. It is intended to be one of those universal, setting-free systems that you can plug into any setting or any genre. It is a scalable d6 system. As far as I can tell there are no real innovations here, though I am trying to incorporate some of the best aspects of other systems. will be free!

The Place Beyond the Ancient Tunnel
A scenario that uses Jaquet's Subway scenario as a basis for an adventure seed. Set in Harmony Valley(an eventual location in the MOTE setting)

Farm Fresh
This is a scenario set in MOTE and is intended to add to the power and prestige of one of the featured villes in the campaign region.


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