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The PAForge is proud to host original fan based material, and as you can see for yourself with a quick look around, lots of people have shared the fruits of their labors with us. Fan's of various games can keep a game alive much longer than a publisher or game producer is inclined to continue it, and this site is a celebration and affirmation of fan's who have taken the time to keep their favorite games alive. However, There are a few guidelines that must be followed when we accept your works here, not merely because we are ethical and moral icons, but for very practical reasons....we don't want to ever loose our ability to continue sharing valuable resources with our like-minded and adoring public. All it would take is a single litigious act to bring all this work down around our, please read the following carefully and if you have any questions concerning copyrights or plagiarism, spend a little time and do some research.


Submission Guidelines:

- All submissions must be original works , original derivitive works or derivitive compilations. In all cases, if submitted materials include material from any other source that source must be credited and if it is from a copyrighted source, you should obtain permission to use it. Some copyrighted materials include permission for specific uses, and those restrictions or permissions should be followed. Keep in mind that SYSTEMS, as in game systems cannot be copyrighted, nor can any of the names and titles, so feel free to mention that if required, in your documents.

- The PAForge typically uses the Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. If you need help converting, that can be arranged. Most of the time I will do the conversion for you, as I do have access to adobe acrobat 7.0 and MSWord/Excel/Access, and OpenOffice. Often, some files, or utilities do not translate or convert readily. If this is the case we will present the material in whatever format best facilitates it's use. This file format is used because it is considered a universal format. That is people from a wide range of computing platforms and operating systems can view these file formats. Plus it allows some small form of protection from simple copy and paste plagarisms. If the following links become inactive, let me know...

Click Here to download the adobe pdf reader.
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- Please put your name or pseudonym at the top of each document/file, so that your work can be identified. Artwork, email or weblinks are optional. This is so your work can be protected under copyright laws, but also so people can praise or ridicule you. A published date would be useful as well.

- The more professional the presentation the better. Please take the time to make sure your material flows well enough and is organized well enough that most any user can make sense of it.

- To submit a work, click the PAanvil or email link below.


Suggestions For Submissions

1. Campaign Settings - I and a few others have taken our favorite books, movies, tv programs, cartoons or comics and turned them into campaign settings. It is easy, though time consuming in some cases to do. You simply document the plot line, main events, characters, technology, society and anything else you think may come in handy. You can find examples of this under the Alt Campaign Settings link in the menubar to your left.

2. Scenarios - We love scenarios for the apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic genre. These are always great resources for GM's who want to expand their campaigns or maybe even do a 'one-off' adventure with players who are unfamiliar with the genre. I am working on a generic scenario writing system currently and hope to get that done in my life-time. Meanwhile, feel free to write the scenario for your favorite game system.

3. Stories or Poems - Although we have yet to receive any topical stories or poems, we'd sure love to get ahold of a few to expand our offerings here. Please do consider sharing your fictional stories.

4. Maps - Maps of regions or cities, whether fictionalized or not are always handy.

5. Original Art - Because I offer this website as a free resource, I have a certain expectation that those who submit their material here also have a desire to do so...this extends to the artwork. We'd love to see more genre specific artwork, but don't put any restrictions on it's non-commercial use or dissemination.

6. Articles - Have an apocalyptic or PA related topic you'd like to discuss or expound upon. Well, we'd love to read it too.

7. Reviews - So, you bought or have access to a new PA book, comic, game or resource and you'd like to let us know how you liked it. Maybe even give it's highlights or in some cases, it's low points. Well...we want to see that too. Share with us please.

8. New Products - Maybe your the kind of person who is really on top of new games, movies, or books of the genre and you've noticed that one of our famous lists is out of date. Please do let us know of any omissions in our lists and we will update them ASAP with the new product information.

9. Suggest a Websource - While out surfing the web you ran across this really cool website that might be useful to your fellow apocalyptic or PA community. Please do share it. We will place it in the most appropriate location for others to find and use.

10. Featured RPG's - We feature RPG's that I am interested in, plus any of the genre that any of you suggest and are willing to produce a resource for. That is, if you submit a file for an apocalyptic or PA game, we'll feature it and place your new material there for everyone to find.

11. Resources - We, as a community and as world builders can always use new resources. Many of these resources have been listed previously in other suggestions, but it can also be things like listings of military bases, firearms information, chemical products or a HOST of other things yet to be imagined. Who knows what someone might need to spark their imaginations or help them to build a better world. If you run across some information of this type, put it together and present it for others to use.

Well....I have little imagination, and many of you will probably be able to come up with other suggestions, lets hear those to.....The idea here is to build a community and a resource that we can all share in. Don't be shy...lets hear your ideas.



- Copyrights

1. The New 2008 U.S. Copyright Office Ruling On Game Copyrights

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3. U.S. Copyright Office Title 37 Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

4. U.S. Copyright Office Title 17 Copyright Law

5. Library of Congress, In Answer to Your Query: Games

- Plagiarism

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