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IdleWilde : by Nick Sagan (book 1 of 3)
Ten children are about to come of age. One of them, a young man, is suddenly startled awake. He has no memory. His surroundings mean nothing to him. All he knows for certain is that someone is trying to kill him.


Edenborn : by Nick Sagan (sequel to IdelWild, book 2 of 3)
It is eighteen years after Idlewild and the survivors are now adults. Though Halloween, bitter and disillusioned, has chosen to exile himself, his peers seek to repopulate the Earth and rebuild civilization. They are mankind’s last, best and perhaps only hope. But an ideological split has divided them into two very different societies. One looks to resurrect the human race, while the other is committed to improving humanity via genetic manipulation.


Edenborn : by Nick Sagan (sequel to Edenborn, book 3 of 3)
As Everfree opens, a small group of “posthumans” has survived the apocalyptic epidemic called Black Ep, a disease that ravaged the world, leaving them in sole possession of the Earth. They are now in the process of waking thousands of men, women and children from cryonic stasis. The posthumans believe in a collective society, and are encouraging the newly thawed to embrace The Doctrine: We’re all in this together. Let’s look out for each other, share the dirty work, give the needy what they need.


Shaturanga : by Brian Snelson
Strap yourself in for a climactic adventure as medieval mentality collides head-on with future technology across what was once Earth’s ocean floor.


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