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Mutazoids 3rd Edition
The Mutazoids3E Players Book Cover

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Welcome to the wild and dangerous, Post apocalyptic world of Mutazoids3E!

This all-new game has its roots in the work of Ken Whitman, Christopher Clark and many others, originally released in the late 1980s and early 90s.

The game in your hand is a concerted effort by 21st century post apocalyptic role-players to create the finest in 22nd century post apocalyptic gaming. In creating this new game, we kept the rich historical references and unique flavor of the original Mutazoids, while adding layers of complexity and depth by implementing and expanding upon Open Game Content.

We Hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor with many hours of exciting role-playing!

Editor's note: The World of Mutazoids3e is an alternate Earth in a parallel universe. They once shared the same landmasses, life-forms and general histories, but they are not identical in every way.

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The world that the characters enter when they play Mutazoids3e (tm) is a world in chaos. 90% of Mankind were killed by the horrible synthetic plagues unleashed in the early 21st century. The children of those not killed by the Plague were horribly mutated but in some cases, were granted great powers. The populace then clustered in the remains of the largest of the old cities. Areas of ruins, known as "The Fringe", surrounded them. The land beyond the Fringe and off the main roads were simply called the Outlands.

As man struggled to rebuild his civilization, tension mounted between the growing Mutant Human population and the Normal Humans controlling the World-Wide Second Republic. The Second Republic treated Mutants with few noticable changes as "Acceptable", yet second-class citizens, but those with many noticeable changes were branded "Mutazoid" and treated far worse.

Meanwhile, the Outlands overgrew rapidly as man retreated to his cities. Then, almost overnight, man was no longer alone among sentients. Species of sentient life awakened from the Animal and Plant kingdoms. Some were spawned by rampant perMutations of the original nano-Mutazoid plague in the wild, and others were purposely genetically engineered in secret laboratories. These new forms of the virus were much less virulent than the original form that had infected the Human race. In most cases, 20% of the population was affected and 80% remained normal. Very few died. Some new creatures were sentient and some were not. These new races were of various forms depending on the strain that infected their parents.

Kanga is hopping to a location near you!  Most Plant life forms avoided the Human cities, preferring instead to remain in the Outlands or the "fringe" of the cities, however, many Mutant Animals desired to live in the cities. As the Mutant population in the cities grew, so did the Second Republic's social problems. The Second Republic classified all non-Human Mutants as Mutazoids, and so life in the cities was not quite what many had hoped for when leaving their villages in the Outlands. Despite the obvious prejudice practiced against Mutants of all types, the mid to late 21st century was a time of relative peace, prosperity and technological advancement for those willing to live under the watchful, oppressive eye of the Second Republic.

Then in 2109, a radical group of death-worshipping extremists launched several nuclear strikes. The Second Republic employed long forgotten anti-missile defense systems, and the missiles fail to strike any significant targets. They did, however, cause substantial ecological damage, and the unexpected strike was the catalyst that launched the Mutazoid Rebellion. The rebellion lasted for 8 bloody years, ending in the cease-fire of 2117. Rumored to be funded by the off world colonies, the rebels had access to advanced weaponry and armaments. These were quickly duplicated in the factories of the Second Republic, causing a brief technological boom. The rebels were also supplied with high quality counterfeit money to attack the Second Republic economically, and this furthered speculation that the rebels were receiving off-world help.

The rebellion practically destroyed the Second Republic. Much as it was before the Republic took power in 2050, feudal warlords fill the void with various titles and dubious authority. It is now 2123.


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The Mutazoids3e: Big Book of Plants and Animals
By: Moses "Wolfy" Wildermuth
102 pages / 495 kb / .pdf
Contains the following:

Example 01 - Apes
Chapter 01 - Common Mounts
Chapter 02 - Flying Mounts
Chapter 03 - Primitive Vehicles
Chapter 04 - Gear for Mounts
Chapter 05 - Normal Animals
Chapter 06 - Dire Animals
Chapter 07 - Dinosaurs
Chapter 08 - Beasts and Plants
Chapter 09 - Vermin
D20 Open Game License

Player Character Animal Extras
By: Moses "Wolfy" Wildermuth
8 pages / 252 kb / .pdf

This document contains some extras that were excluded from the original players guide and Big Book of Plants and Animals offered above. Plus it has the animal template and special abilities that are common to animals. Check it out!

The Mutazoids3e Preview
By: Moses "Wolfy" Wildermuth
20 pages / 1.4 meg / .pdf

A sampler and preview of the Mutazoids3e setting. This is good stuff. I personally own both the original and the 3rd Edition material and like it very much. There is a lot to like in this system. Go to my Mutazoids3e REVIEW to find out more.


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