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Misc. Maps and Floorplans

Many of the maps that can be found here are used in conjunction with some of the scenarios which are available under the scenarios link, others are stand-alone representations.


Small Vault: Floor plans done in Dungeon Crafter using some add-on tiles and some custom tiles. This is a small vault of the ancients perhaps used by a mega-corps business executives or maybe a secret labratory. You decide it's ultimate use. 15 levels of fun. Multiple formats.



Civil Authority Compound: A mini-adventure with a set of floorplans for a small towns civil authorities. Includes county administrative offices, a clinic/hospital, and a police station with garage, also done primarily with Dungeon Crafter using a custom tile set. I'm finding that using a paint programs clone and replace tools are sometimes easier than making object tiles for all the different types of floor tiles. I have been using paintshop pro for those interested. This set is used in the scenario pack 2: MA6 for those interested.

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