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Gamma World 4th Edition 1992
GW4th Ed.

AD&D like rules


Centuries from now, approximately AD 2200 (although the exact date is unknown), the cataclysm rocked the Earth. For reasons long forgotten, nuclear bombs were dropped, insidious poisons released into the atmosphere and viruses of living death unleashed upon humanity. The devastation was unimaginable. The forces of destruction forever altered the face of our green earth. Continents shifted, rivers changed course, and ecosystems adapted or perished.

Several centuries from the cataclysm, the earth is making a recovery. Pockets of civilization are forming, crawling out of hundreds of years of barbarism. The printing press and gunpowder have just been reinvented.

In this strange new world, heroes of epic proportion are needed to tame the wild frontiers and challenge the unknown. Such heroes have arisen from the new species of the planet: strangely altered humans, and intelligent, mutated animals and plants. Indeed, humankind is no longer alone on earth. Intelligence is a common attribute among these new species.

There is much work to be done in this devastated world. Not all the species on earth want to see the rebrith of a peaceful, cooperative civilization. The carrins and hoops and serfs are all striving to conquer or remake the earth in their own image. And, as if that weren't bad enough, leftover technology of the ancients still walks the land. Robots and death machines pose as great a threat as any new animal species. The heroes of this time struggle to find and master the artifacts of the pre-cataclysmic world. These mysterious devices of metal and plastic hold great power. They are the key to rebuilding civilization - or destroying it.




The Gamma World games is a post-holocaust game, taking place centuries after the bomb, and other nasty weapons, have been dropped. Civilization has been reduced to barbarism and is on the rise again. Mutagenic diseases have made one branch of humanity (Homo sapiens permutare) strangely susceptible to radiation.

As a game, Gamma World is a unique opportunity for roleplaying. Many characters are not even remotely human, and most are unique creations. There is no racial history for them. There is a global history, but the overwhelming permutations of body shape have destroyed many of the old racial barriers. The world around the character is our own future, on our own Earth, but the character does not recognize it. One of the challenges of the Gamma World is to roleplay a character that is forced to deal with events and objects that are commonplace to the player, but alien to the character. For example, the character might find an electronic toaster. The player might guess what it is right away, but the character would still be puzzling out its use and function.


Bruce Nesmith


James M. Ward

copyright 1992 TSR Inc.


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Fan Files
The PAForge is always pleased to host PA related material from our visitors. You to can SUBMIT your material for publishing here.

Go To the Generic Gamma World page for more downloads. This page features Scot Hoover's Mutant Manual II and the Survivors Field Guide, both compilations of tremendous scale and a MUST download.


Zirra's Winter 2005 Update : This is some generic GW material, including a new cryptic alliance, new armor, new items and a new creature type. THANKS AGAIN ZIRRA!!!!


Zirra's Winter 2004 Update : GW 4th fan who contributes to the PAForge regularly does it again, with new mutations, defects, creatures and updates of previously released material. THANKS Zirra!!!!


Badder to the Bone : GW 4th fan scenario by Matt (Motatumbo). Part I of a series based in his home grown campaign setting.


Badder to the Bone II : GW 4th fan scenario by Matt (Motatumbo). Part II of a series based in his home grown campaign setting.


New Mutations for GW4th : Another fine addition to GW4th Ed. thanks to Zirra. A truly dedicated patron of this game. She has outdone herself this time. This group of mutations features some very nice additions. A nice bunch of them deal with temporal abilities and space, as well as some classics redone for GWth Ed. Thanks yet again, Zirra..!

Aquatic Creatures for GW : This document was submitted by Zirra_Scrohunter and is presented by permission. This document details several creatures intended for inclusion in the fan generated GW5 completion project on one of the Gamma World lists. This list contains formats for GW2nd Ed. and GW4th Ed. and can be found in both menus for convenience. Thanks Zirra..!

GW4th Ed. To D20 Mutations Conversion: This is a submission by a GW4th Ed. enthusiast who has made the switch to D20Modern for his PA gaming. He took the time to convert the Mutations list from that system and share them here at the PAForge. Thanks BaddKarma. The format and layout is very nice. 24pages, 340kb.

Secrets of the Ancients Netbook: This document was edited and compiled by Kerry Jordan with contributions from a number of people detailed on the cover page. It is a fan based resource for Gamma World 4th Ed. This file is placed here, with the compilers permission and with the understanding that if any of the contributors object, I would pull it from this site.


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