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Gamma World 2nd Edition 1983
GW2nd Ed.

D&D like rules


In today's world of online RPG games it's hard for some of the younger generation to grasp the appeal of games like Gamma World. The following text was written by the game's developers as an introduction to the game. Let yourself be the judge of this classic from 1983.

Gamma World science fantasy role-playing games is an exciting game of action and adventure set in the 25th century America...a savage land of radioactive wastes populated by weird and often powerful mutants. As a single adventure, a game can be played in under an hour. It can also be played as a connected series of adventures played over an extended period of time.

The Gamma World is a terrifying place...hardly recognizable to those familiar with the America that existed before the 'social wars' of the early 24th century destroyed world civilization. To the inhabitants of North America in 2450, the time before the 'social wars' is called the 'shadow years' since so little is known of it. Even the specific events that destroyed their nation are all but forgotten by these new Americans. Legends persist, of course, but the truth of those legends may never be known. The world-wide holocaust simply wiped out too much. Lasers, atomic warheads, chemical and biological agents and geological weapons all did their terrible work. Oceans boiled. Continents buckled. The skies blazed with the light of unholy energies. By the time the violence subsided, the very face of the earth had changed. Much of North America, including most of Florida and the lower-lying Gulf area, California and parts of the Eastern seaboard were under water. Mountains had fallen. Rivers that had been tamed for 500 years careened wildly through the ruins of broken dams. Not a single city remained intact. The Black Years descended on the land of the free.

Less dramatic but more important than the destruction of the continent was the alteration in its surviving inhabitants. Not 1 in 5000 humans lived through the upheaval. Those who survived witnessed a biogenetic revolution. Animals began to repopulate the earth...and what animals! Vast herds of jackrabbits the size of horses began to cover the Great Plains. A strain of beetle appeared which grew to a length of 3 meters. A mutated form of shark adapted to life on land began to prowl the desert. But more important than these physical mutations were the mental mutations which began appearing...lizards with telepathy and precognition, plants able to disrupt the molecular structure of their victims, a dog-man capable of telekinesis. Nor was man immune to the effects of massive doses of biogenetic chemicals and radiation. All manner of mutations soon entered the gene pool. Most were defects that disappeared. But in the 150 years after the holocaust many became a permanent part of human breeding stock.

This, then, is the Gamma World...successor to the planet Earth. It is a land of brooding forests, wild unbroken plains and rugged mountains. In places the wilds give way to man-made deserts where cities once stood. Scattered across the continent are a few settlements where the heirs of America's industrial barons force a precarious living from the hostile land. In this place nature is merciless, death is quick and strangers are regarded with suspicion. Faced with a harsh environment, the survivors of the holocaust have joined together for protection in tribes, clans and feudal states. Augmenting these social systems are the so called Cryptic Alliances...secret brotherhoods devoted to the reorganization of society according to their own beliefs. There are many of these, some born long ago in the shadow years.

Journey, now, into the far future where life is both dangerous and exciting...where those who lived before the 24th century are called 'the Ancients' and are regarded with awe for their dimly understood art and science...where the wonders of man's highest technology exist side by side with the stone axe and the coat of chainmail...where exotic mutations abound and strange new powers of the mind shape human life. Journey now to the Gamma World.

James M. Ward
David James Ritchie
Gary Jaquet

copyright March 1983 TSR Inc.

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Fan Files
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Go To the Generic Gamma World page for more downloads. This page features Scot Hoover's Mutant Manual II and the Survivors Field Guide, both compilations of tremendous scale and a MUST download.


GW5: Rapture of the Deep -
The long rumored, long lost adventure module for GW2nd Ed. has finally been found. This beautiful interpretation of what 'might have been' is now available thanks to some wonderful dedicated fans of the genre and the game of Gamma World. This module is a MUST download. The look and feel are all reminiscent of those bygone years and heyday of tabletop roleplaying. 66 pages, 3.8mbs.


Zirra's Winter 2005 Update:
Zirra has provided a terrific set of generic material for Gamma World. A new cryptic alliance, new items, new creature types...and plenty more. Zirra is one of those rare GW enthusiasts that shares my passion for creation and I love hosting her material. Check this out. 10 pages, 40kbs


The Barracks Raid:
Another in a series of adventures for Second Edition Gamma World set aboard the 11th level of the Starship Warden from the original Metamorphosis Alpha, written by: Russ Westbrook. 8 pages including maps and illustrations, 378kbs


A Creature and Weapon:
A mutated German Shepherd and a new weapon for GW 2nd Ed., yet another submission by the prolific Zirra_Scrohunter. 1 page, 9.2kbs


The Playground of the Dead:
a full scale adventure for Second Edition Gamma World set aboard the 11th level of the Starship Warden from the original Metamorphosis Alpha, written by: Russ Westbrook (THANKS BRA!). 12 pages including 3 maps, 87kbs


Water Rights:
The first of two lost convention scenario donated by Katkin_Kalvin. 15 pages, 330kbs


Mudflat Walker:
The second of two lost convention scenarios donated by Katkin_Kalvin. 21 pages, 750kbs


Aquatic Creatures for GW :
This document was submitted by Zirra_Scrohunter and is presented by permission. This document details several creatures intended for inclusion in the fan generated GW5 completion project on one of the Gamma World lists. This list contains formats for GW2nd Ed. and GW4th Ed. and can be found in both menus for convenience. Thanks Zirra..!

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