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Miscellaneous D20 Resources


PAForge D20 Weapons Compendium
27 pages of weapons data and a complete weapons system in the D20 format.


Extended D20 Conditions .PDF
An extended list of D20 conditions and effects.


D20 Moral System .PDF
For those who wish to have moral back as a part of their D20 gaming experience.


Mutations Conversion .PDF
BadKarma ROCKS! He submitted a nice piece of work that translates the Gamma World 4th Ed. mutations list into the D20 system.


OGC NPC Classes and Monster System .PDF
The NPC and Monster system converted from the D20 OGC material for use in a post apocalyptic setting, specifically, the Masters of the Earth setting which may be found at this site. Many new templates to use. Check it out.


OGC Traps System .PDF
Had to change this D20 OGC source to suit the non-magical, technilogical nature of the post apoclaptic/modern genres. It was made specifically for use in the Masters of the Earth setting, which can be found elsewhere on this site.


Gamma World Mutations Conversions .PDF
Even more of your favorite Gamma World mutations converted to the D20 system, and some new ones thrown in for fun. Courtesy of Al Jewell (Gamemaster of Triskelion). THANKS MAN!


Click Here to Find Other D20 Resources at the PAForge. There's LOTS!
Features Include:
Skills and Feats
Character Generation (With extensive animal templates)
Huge Mutations System
Weapons, Armor and Ancient Technology
Diseases and Remedies
Extensive Outdoor Adventuring Supplement with weather and hazards and MUCH more
A large Vehicle System
Cyborg System + more....

Visitor Submissions
The PAForge is always pleased to host PA related material from our visitors. You to can SUBMIT your material for publishing here.


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