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The PAForge is a niche market. It caters to the table top gaming and role-playing community. In its specific genre, the PAForge is the premier website and has a lot of content to draw that community and keep them coming back. So, if your doing age, gender or gaming targeted advertising, the PAForge may be able to help you find your target audience.
We are willing to work with you to achieve your advertising goals and are flexible and easy to work with in most respects.

What Is Unacceptible Advertising...

The PAForge's community has all ages, genders, races, creeds and beliefs that visit it on a daily basis. Although, we support and believe in freedom of speech, some speech is considered too inflammatory and hurtful to include in a public forum such as this site. It is the PAForge's policy to not allow the following types of advertising : Adult Products or Services / Anything That Promotes Hate or Violence / Anything That Promotes Illegal Activities / Anything That Can Be Said to Do Harm To Another Reasonably Minded Person.
The PAForge retains and will exercise its right to review with due diligence and have final judgement of any advertising submitted to the site.

Types Of Advertising Offered...

1. Embedded Links in the text on any content page, though some specific text may be off limits. Case by case review.
2. Small Banner Ads in the body of content pages. Sizes : 250x250 / 175x350 / custom size. You suggest a location, or you can leave it up to us.
3. Home Page Banner Ads. Placed just to the right of the "Latest News" section. The exact placement is rotated weekly, so that you BEGIN at the top of the advertising list, and are rotated weekly with other advertisers until eventually you end back up at the top. ( suggestions welcome on other methodologies ). Sizes : 250x250 or smaller.

Please Contact Us To Inquire About Advertising Space and Pricing...


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